Often said than not, we get quite eager to land ourselves new job roles, but we tend to forget to work on ourselves first before working for someone,
We all have roles to play in our role at the workplace,

Oftentimes, we bring our harmful and toxic behaviour to work, thereby inconveniencing other colleagues.
Sometimes this toxicity comes from personal issues and it affects you negatively and you in turn transfer aggression to people at the workplace and your work at large.

You should be able to strike a balance between personal issues and work-related issues,
Make positive usage of your ”EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE”

Here are a few tips for getting over TOXICITY;

1. Take time to recover

2. Recognize your worth

3. Review what you learned

4. Decide on a good attitude

5. Make a plan

6. Find positive influences and mentors

7. Maintain your positive attitude.



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