What is Leadership?

Leadership is the action of governing a group of people or an organization, it is about taking risks and challenges, to motivate subordinates to achieve more.

What are the difference between LEADERS and MANAGERS

Leaders and Managers apply different approach to achieving success
, However, Leaders and Managers differ in many but few listed ways below.

<>Leaders motivates people and lead by example.

Managers achieve their goals by delegating responsibilities among team.

<>Leaders are visionaries.

Managers are implementers.

<>Leaders access every situations to achieve better result.

Manager emphasise on questions on the results which helps them their goals.


1. Autocratic Leader: This leader has complete control over his team, they don`t bend their beliefs and rules for anyone.

2. Bureaucratic Leader: This leader strictly adheres to organizational rules and policies, they make sure that their team members do the same; they are self motivated and organized.

3. Laisserz-fair Leader: These ones allow freedom of team to bring in their perspective and intelligence in performing business function.
The term ‘’ Laissez-fair’’ in French means ‘’allow to do’’.

4. Democratic Leader: Allows both team members and leaders equally contribute to actualising business goals.


1. Empathic
2. Patience
3. Open Mindedness
5. Creative
6. Honest
7. Inspiration
8. Flexible
9. Never give up spirit
10. Communication skills.



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